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Premium care for the premium man

Who are they?

"Curated by experts, we’ve created an essential line of skin, body and hair products for men. From head to toe, we’ve got you covered. Literally."

LUMIN is our long term partner and we are so happy to have them on board. Lumin is one of the worlds leading brands for men's skincare. Their products contain only natural ingredients that help nurture, repair and revitalise men's skin. Their products are gentle to the skin, leaving it with a soft and smooth feel and also smell really good!


"I ordered the free trial after being recommended LUMIN and I was super happy with the results I was getting after 2-3 uses."


- Recruitment Manager

"LUMIN has become a part of my normal skin care routine now. I definitely recommend LUMIN to any person."


- C.E.O

"When I first started using LUMIN I was a bit skeptical because I have sensitive skin, but the products were suprisingly gentle to my face and body and I have no problems!"


- Senior Database Manager and Developer